Architectural services by Elise Braceras Stone are divided into three main phases.

  1. Programming and As-builts – Elise will meet with you to discuss your specific needs and develop a design program for the project. The entire house will be measured and as-built drawings prepared. The as-builts are exactly as the name implies. They depict your house as it exists today and, along with your design program, provide the basis for the design phase.

  2. Design – Based on your vision and initial consultation, Elise will prepare three or four design options in the form of schematic drawings. These conceptual designs provide a framework for discussing design alternatives and making design decisions. Next, Elise develops detailed design drawings for the approved conceptual design.

  3. Working Drawings – During this phase, Elise will complete a set of architectural drawings from the specific design developed during phase two. These working drawings will serve as the basis for the subsequent contractor bidding and construction phases of your project.

Elise is available to assist you in bidding your project and will suggest general contractors that you may wish to interview for your job.